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Grants applications are open!

This week at the Hospital of God, we are beginning to accept applications for our latest round of grants which takes place in May.

Did you know that the Hospital of God is a major donor of grants for smaller charitable organisations who are based in our region? In fact we have given out over £1 million to local organisations working with disadvantaged people in the North East of England!

We have supported a wide range of organisations over the years, including groups working with people with mental health issues, learning disabilities, veterans, asylum seekers, drug and alcohol misuse programmes etc. One group we have previously worked with is Veterans at Ease, who are based in Durham and are a charity committed to helping former and serving military personnel deal with combat related stress issues. Veterans at Ease have used their grant money to been provide one to one bespoke therapy for people affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental health concerns.  They have supported over 100 people so far, many of whom have complex issues and 85% of their beneficiaries believe that the treatment has been a success. CEO, Garreth Murrell stated:

“Veterans at Ease saves lives. Through its grant to us the Hospital of God at Greatham has played a significant part in that; it too has helped save lives.”

The Hospital of God is proud to support local charities working with a wide range of people.  The Director of the Hospital of God, David Granath said “as well as providing our own housing and care services we are delighted to be able to support such a wide range of other charities in the North East. In particular we prioritise smaller grass roots organisations that do such great work for the benefit of their local communities”

If you wish to know more about our grants and how to apply, please visit our website:

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