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Magic Tables provide people living with dementia in Hartlepool with new, innovative technology


Local charity, the Hospital of God, has recently purchased two ‘Magic Tables’ to provide engaging and relaxing activities for people living with dementia in Hartlepool.

The Tovertafels (Magic Tables) use the latest technology to provide an interactive light game that has been specifically for people with mid to late stage dementia in mind. A specially designed projector is used to cast different games on to a table that people can then play with, such as a virtual beach ball which can be rolled to one another, or leaves that can be swept up with a dustpan brush. The games provide mental, emotional and physical stimulation and can be especially useful in engaging people with dementia who may be more passive and less who studied the neuropathology of dementia and on the science of play. The games available on the Magic Table were designed to help people living with dementia experience sensation, relaxation and reminiscence. 

The two Tovertafels are based in the Hartlepool Day Centre, and in the Gretton Court nursing home. The purchase of the tables was made possible through generous donations from supporters in the community, with one extra special donation to Gretton Court making the purchase of their new equipment possible. Hartlepool Methodist Church kindly donated £10,000 to Gretton Court in memory of former resident, Wilf, who has left his estate to the church. The church had been fundraising for a new kitchen facility, when they were left some money in Wilf’s will and decided to donate this to Gretton Court who had cared for him in the last years of his life. 

Andrea Atkinson, Manager of Gretton Court, stated:

“We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at the Methodist Church and to Wilf for this very kind donation. All of the money has gone towards improving the lives of people living at Gretton Court, and specifically the purchase of a Magic Table. We have only had the equipment installed very recently, but we are already seeing our residents engaging with the games in a positive way, and hope that this will help enrich the lives of everyone living here.”

In addition to the Magic Table at Gretton Court, our Hartlepool Day Centre is the first place in the area to give people living in the community access to this technology. 

Joanne Blackwood, Hartlepool Day Services Manager, says:

“The Magic Table was installed on 26th June and to date this has created even more fun, laughter, engagement and reminiscence. Even though people may not always remember what they have done whilst at the day centre, it is the feeling of emotion that will stay with them the longest. The Magic Table is helping people living with dementia to feel engaged and positive, which is really important to making people’s lives fulfilled and them feel included and valued.” 

For more information on Gretton Court, contact Andrea Atkinson: 01429 862255;

For more information on the Hartlepool Day Centre, contact Joanne Blackwood: 01429 279005;

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