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What is Mindfulness and can it work for you?


There is a lot of talk around mindfulness at the moment and how it can help with the current situation we are all dealing with. Trying to navigate your way around these unprecedented situations such as worries about the virus and dealing with lockdown is extremely stressful, making our body’s go into the stress response of fight or flight.

Now you might be asking well what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being aware of yourself and reconnecting with your body, it helps you feel calmer and less stressed and can also help you feel more able to choose how you respond to certain situations. There are many ways you can exercise mindfulness for example through food and exercise.

The charity Mind have shared many videos and tips on their website which you can access by clicking the link below:

Soo as there is no time like the present why not try something new and use your time at home to practice some mindfulness techniques.

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