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About Us

The Hospital of God has a long and proud history of working with vulnerable people living in the North East of England. Established in 1273 by Bishop Robert de Stichell to help poor and elderly people, throughout the centuries we have taken this founding ethos and developed into a modern organisation meeting a range of 21st century needs. The Hospital of God: Here for Everyone.

2023 marks the 750th anniversary of The Hospital of God. Our charity has a long and proud history of working with older people, those living with dementia and their family carers in the Hartlepool, North Tees and East Durham areas.

Additionally, through our grants programme, we support a number of local charities and social enterprises across the North East.

The charity works to develop and provide excellent person-centred care, support and housing services for people, particularly older people and those living with dementia.

The Hospital of God now employs c100 people and its main charitable activities are:

  • Residential care for older people at Stichell House Residential Home, a purpose built 35 bed facility set in the beautifully landscaped grounds at Greatham
  • Day care and community support services for people living with dementia, and their families, delivered through our day centres, our community-based pastimes service and our family support services throughout Hartlepool and East Durham
  • Support information and advice through our dementia advisory service ‘The Bridge’ in Hartlepool 
  • Supported living for older people in our Almshouses located in Greatham, Norton, Stockton and the wider North-East 
  • The making of grants to voluntary and community sector and those not-for-profit organisations which make a difference to the lives of people in our communities

The charitable work of the organisation is financially supported by the Hospital of God endowment, which consists of an endowment fund and a portfolio of investment properties which are mainly located in Greatham.

History The Hospital of God was founded by Robert de Stichell, the Bishop of Durham in 1273 to care for poor and elderly people. King Henry III had obtained the Manor of Greatham from Simon de Montfort following his defeat at the battle of Evesham in 1265. Robert de Stichell then made and won a legal claim for the land on the basis that as Crown Palatine he had the right to all land plundered or gained within his royal franchise as Bishop of Durham.

Supporting our communities for 750 years